Thursday thought by Surrey’s Hypnobirthing classes Inspiring Births

Thursday thought – Baby’s Normal sleep 😴 💕

This information sheet summarises research-based evidence about normal infant sleep, and how it develops over time.

It is important to remember that babies operate according to their own internal biological rhythms and they are unaware of what their parents are being told. It often takes several months for a baby’s day-night pattern of wake and sleep to become established. During this time many parents just need reassurance that their baby is normal, and that their baby’s sleep patterns are developing as expected. In cases where we are unhappy with our infant’s sleep development it may not be the baby that is problematic, but our expectations regarding sleep and babies’ needs.

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Deep Relaxation : Guided meditation by Surrey’s Hypnobirthing Hypnotherapist Reigate

Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy CD
Overcome stress and anxiety with this superb, high quality hypnosis relaxtion CD by Leila Gardiner hypnobirthing hypnotherapist in Reigate surrey . Listen to this music to bring you into deep relaxation.

I am a Reigate-based hypnobirthing hypnotherapist with 9 years of experience as a hypnobirthing practitioner, working with over 100 couples. This music is one of the popular Inspiring Minds collection.

Stress and anxiety related illnesses are at an all-time high, so learning stress management breathing techniques to relax is crucial for your mental and physical well being. Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in solving anxiety problems and aiding relaxation techniques. This relaxation music will help you achieve these goals in a safe and natural way.

Listen to a short clip from this CD using the player below. (It may take a minute to load)

Hypnotherapy Deep Relaxation CD

Overcome stress and anxiety with this superb, high quality hypnosis relaxtion CD by Leila Gardiner. Listen to this music to bring you into deep relaxation.

I am a Reigate-based hypnobirthing hypnotherapist with 9 years of experience as a hypnobirthing practitioner, working with over 100 couples. This music is one of the popular Inspiring Minds collection.

Stress and anxiety related illnesses are at an all-time high, so learning stress management breathing techniques to relax is crucial for your mental and physical well being. Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in solving anxiety problems and aiding relaxation techniques. This relaxation music will help you achieve these goals in a safe and natural way.

Listen to a short clip from this CD using the player below. (It may take a minute to load)


I have found the deep relaxation cd extremely helpful – I listen to it every night now, and it just calms me into a deep sleeping mode soon after I put it on. I think it is very effective on me because I have always found attending your classes very relaxing and always been able to get a good nights sleep after the class . I was very glad to be able to continue this hypnosis relaxation at home. I would say that I prefer listening to this more than the rainbow cd as it prompts me to practice breathing whereas I simply listen to the rainbow cd. I have also found the background music very calming. All in all, a perfect combination!

Mrs Spencer – Tadworth
I have used Leila’s relaxation Cd both during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy it was great to use instead of the birthing cd on some evenings. It was a fabulous way to switch off and just enjoy the moment without worrying about all the usual things that can bother you when you are pregnant. The guided visualisation is incredibly calming and can be used when you are going to sleep if you haven’t got time to do it separately.

However, the cd was most useful after giving birth as the hypno-birthing cd was no longer appropriate but I really needed a way to switch off and unwind. Sometimes I would listen to the cd during the day while my husband looked after our daughter. It was the equivalent of a few hours sleep in those early days and really helped me fill my reservoir after caring for a baby 24/7. Now I use the cd whenever I need a pick me up. It’s much cheaper than going for a massage or facial, but much more effective!

Leila is a wonderful hypno-therapist and has a very soothing voice and personality. I couldn’t recommend her and her cds strongly enough.

Amelia – Brockham
I benefit from your CD’s on a daily basis. In fact 11 week old Indy is lying resplendent in his moses basket as I type listening to you:)

It’s not just for adults 🙂

Moira – Reigate
I am starting maternity leave next week and look forward to really being able to relax. I just wanted to say that I think your CD is fabulous.

L Brown – Reigate

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Beyond HypnoBirthing

Many people do not know of the general Hypnotherapy work I offer beyond maternity and birth.


Since 2011, the general Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy skills workshops and CDs offered have benefited many people from all walks of life. These can positively help in many fields. The Deep Relaxation CD can benefit those who would like to step up the relaxation practice and reverse the ‘fight or flight response’. This guided meditation can effectively help bring about deep abdominal breathing, assisting in activating the relaxation hormones to restore well-being which has a profound effect on both mind and body.

These can become part of our very much needed self-help calming toolkit of skills. Essential in our current busy hyper brain stimulation information age. Here is where you can obtain a copy, or even sample a few minutes of this Deep Relaxation track.

For further inspiration on what you can achieve :

Hypnotherapy for weightloss

“I approached Leila for hypnotherapy to help me get fit and reach a healthy weight. My self-esteem was low and my body felt like a burden. Leila’s way of working is to talk through your feelings and help you find the answers by yourself – she doesn’t tell you what to do but helps support you as you realise what steps you can take to help yourself. So we compiled a list a practical steps I could do to stop snacking, to understand why I was over-eating and how to control my appetite using good foods, and how to plan my exercise routine so I would be able to keep it up and not make excuses to avoid it. Then Leila talked me through a relaxation, a delightful gentle process which feels a little like dreaming, a deep and focused state of mind where your breathing is so calm and your mind is open to her words.

During the relaxation, Leila planted positive phrases which we had chatted about just moments before. I felt these were like little seeds – when you come back to the room and “wake up” these ideas are fresh in your mind and continue to be there for days afterwards. These positive seeds grow into stronger habits and helped me make good decisions. whenever I am struggling I can recall them automatically for support. One of these ideas was called an anchor: by touching my thumb and forefinger together I activate this “anchor” to give myself a rush of positive energy and happiness.

It really works – I use it when I’m about to give up during running or cycling or stressing out in everyday situations – it’s almost like a magic spell! All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis and you are making the changes by yourself – it is not about giving control away to your therapist but actually taking control of your own thoughts and habits. I have achieved my goal of making exercise from a chore into a regular pleasure and I now enjoy and respect my body with all its imperfections.” Gabi in Banstead Surrey

Hypnotherapy for healthier eating habits

“I went to see Leila about some fussy eating habits Ive had since I was young and that I have been unable to kick by myself! I was not convinced hypnotherapy would work but I felt I needed to try something new. For me it wasn’t just about not liking certain foods but I also had some psychological barriers preventing me from moving forward. Leila introduced me to deep relaxation and new patterns of thinking. These new patterns have made me feel a lot more calm and open when it comes to trying new things and in turn I am slowly but surely introducing more new foods into my diet. Leila also advised me to try relaxing at home and also gave me a CD to relax to and I have used it most nights before I go to sleep making me feel calm and composed and also sends me off into a deep sleep!

I couldn’t recommend hypnotherapy enough, It has given me the push I needed to make changes in my life that I couldn’t on my own. Leila is a great hypnotherapist making you feel comfortable and at home.” Rose from Reigate Surrey.

Hypnotherapy for stopping bed-wetting and being dry at night

“Thank you very much Leila for you help and support in helping my 5 year old son stay dry at night through using hypnotherapy.

I would thoroughly recommend Leila to others. She is very calm, organised and professional. Leila had my sons best interests at heart and so came to my house so he would be in a familiar environment and therefore more relaxed and responsive. She calmly talked through idea ideas and ways and behaviours with him in a way which suited his age and character. Leila gave my son and me the confidence to get rid of the pull ups and in a ten day period he had eight dry nights having never had a dry nights before. She helped him understand his body and the control he had over it. She didn’t recommend limiting drinks on hot days or medication or anything else I had previously been uncomfortable with.

Leila wasn’t pushy or at all or saying we needed loads of sessions but has left it up to me to decide and for my son to take the lead.

I am so pleased to have asked for Leila’s help and to have helped my son and given him this added confidence and sense of pride to not be in his pull ups.

Thank you Leila and I am sure to be using your hypnotherapy sessions again. Kind regards From mum of two in Redhill Surrey ‘

Hypnotherapy to prepare for neurosurgery and post surgery healing

“Leila and her hypnotherapy helped through a very difficult time in my life. In 2011, I had to undergo extensive neurosurgery to my neck and spinal canal as it was discovered that I had very large benign tumour that was soon to cause me complete paralysis. Unfortunately, the neurosurgery itself had a high risk of causing the same paralysis.

During the 4 weeks leading up to the first of three operations (a total of 8 hours) I met with Leila weekly. These were the darkest weeks of my life following diagnosis and I was very grateful to know Leila. As well as the hypnotherapy, she helped me practise self-calming techniques, positive affirmations and healing visualisations so that I could be as mentally prepared as possible for whatever was going to happen.

As I sat in my operating gown waiting for my call to theatre, I read her notes in the hospital and practised the techniques. As I was prepared for theatre I felt calm and focused, ready for whatever trauma was ahead of me.

My recovery was paralysis free thankfully, although I was in pain and unwell for some time. Once home and before I could drive again, Leila came to visit to provide me with a couple of hypnotherapy sessions. These encouraged healing and inner calmness. It had been a mental as well as physically traumatic experience. A small amount of tumour still remains but should remain unthreatening for many years hopefully before any further surgery is needed and I have regular MRI scans to check on this.

Today life is back to normal again, busy with family life, looking after my two young children. Normal is lovely!

I am very grateful to Leila and would highly recommend her hypnotherapy whatever your situation.” C Harding Epsom Surrey

Hypnotherapy for Smoking

“I haven’t smoked since our hypnotherapy session. For the first week after our session I felt quite delicate, and couldn’t discuss smoking with anyone. I feel less delicate about it now, and although I do sometimes think about smoking it isn’t something I want to do. I went on a long car trip this weekend, and my usual routine would be to roll the windows down and smoke and drink coffee, but I didn’t. I did eat a lot of crisps though!

So thank you for giving me the extra boost that I needed to help me stop. I hope I can carry on. Overall I found the session rewarding, and really very positive. ” E Brighton Sussex ‘

Hypnotherapy for Managing Anxiety

” Working as a psychiatrist for the National Health Service I am continually striving to help patients achieve better mental health and, whilst I believe there is place for medication, I am increasingly impressed by the potential of hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing. I think most people can benefit from hypnotherapy and Leila certainly helped me around managing anxiety. I highly recommend Leila both for her skills and personal touch.” : ”
‘Dr Shuttleworth in Epsom surrey ‘

Please feel free to get in touch to book a session, workshop, or to talk through your query.

Every best wish, Leila Gardiner

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Ruth – Reigate’s Talented Pregnancy, Birth and beyond Photographer

Ruth – Reigate’s pregnancy , birth , newborn and family photographer
Life is in the Detail Photography

From Pregnancy to birth, newborn and Beyond

Hi, I am Ruth – a photographer, specialising in pregnancy, new-born and family photography. I am based in Reigate, Surrey, but am happy to travel to the wider Surrey, Sussex area, if required.

The discovery that you are pregnant is one of life’s most momentous occasions. Watching your body change, feeling that first kick, as your baby moves inside you is something that you will never forget.

In those early first days, with a new-born, a lack of sleep can make the days pass by, in a bit of a haze (particularly with your first baby, when the learning curve is so big).

As they grow up, your children like to see photographs of ‘when I was in your tummy Mum’. Babies change and grow so fast, as new developmental stages are reached.
When I was a new mother, I carried my son in a sling, and as I walked around town, I would be approached by many older people, who would look at me and my son wistfully, and they all said, ‘It goes so fast’ and ‘Enjoy every minute’. My oldest son is now a teenager, and they were right.

Let me help you record these most amazing times in your life, where you go from being a couple to a family, or a smaller family to a bigger family. Let me capture those precious moments, for posterity.

I am more than happy to fit to your requirements – photographing you pregnant, during labour, in the early baby-moon days, or a bit later on, when you are all a bit more settled in.

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Inspiring Reigate Mum Births Breech baby naturally at East Surrey Hospital

“Imagine what might happen if women emerged from their labor beds with a renewed sense of the strength and power of their bodies, and of their capacity for ecstasy through giving birth” — Dr. Christiane Northrup

My Upside Down Baby

At 33 weeks pregnant, my midwife confirmed what I had suspected – that my baby was in a breech position. I was told that if she remained breech, I would not be able to have the home birth I wanted and that a caesarean would be my only option.

With major building renovation works at home, and an active toddler, along with my dislike of hospitals and unnecessary medical intervention, I wanted to do everything to help this baby turn around. The research into methods for turning breech babies began.

Techniques to try at home include: crawling around on all fours; lying on your back, with your bottom elevated above your hips; putting headphones around the bottom of the bump, and shining a torch in the same area, to get the baby to turn towards the sound and/or light. All these and more were tried, but to no avail. A Chinese herbal remedy recommended Moxa sticks, and when I lit one, the room filled with pungent smoke. I could hear the builders upstairs wondering what drugs I might be smoking and then dismissing this because I was pregnant! I decided see if other practitioners could help. I tried acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexology, osteopathy, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy and hypnotism. None of them worked – I was becoming increasingly anxious and broke.

My last hope rested on an External Cephalic Version (ECV), to be carried out at the hospital. This involved having the baby rather roughly manipulated externally, and trying to spin her. She did not move. She was determined to stay exactly where she was, with her head firmly tucked up under my rib cage. I was very upset and got worse when told to book a date for a caesarean. I asked the midwife about the possibility of waiting to go into spontaneous labour, to give the baby every chance to turn, and to let her tell me when she was ready to come out. This was agreed to. In response to the option of having a natural breechbirth, I was told that unless I hired a private midwife, this was unlikely. Everyone kept quoting the adverse findings from the breech term trial, but no-one had details of what this had entailed.

My childrearing techniques are instinctive – breastfeeding, baby-wearing, bed- sharing and mother-baby togetherness. I believed in my body’s power to give birth to my baby – I just needed to find someone else to believe in me, too. I knew that my much desired homebirth was no longer a possibility, but I hoped I could still have a natural birth. Time was running out. More research was needed and someone recommended a book by Benna Waite – Breech Birth. Local bookshops did not have it in stock, so I ordered it from the publishers.

Before the book arrived, I had an ante-natal appointment with my midwife who informed me that I had created an impression at the hospital, with my refusal to book a date for a caesarean. Apparently, most people do what the consultants recommend without question. She said that if I had thought the whole thing through, the hospital would let me try for a natural birth. This was very welcome news.

Benna Waite’s book was exactly what I needed. I was at last able to read about the term breech trial, and understand that the decision to opt for a natural delivery was not as irresponsible as the consultants had led me to believe. Her findings showed that having a midwife/consultant experienced in breech delivery was essential to a successful outcome, as was the decision to opt for a natural delivery.

On my due date, we went out to dinner with some old family friends, over from America – John, who had been born breech, his wife, Ruth, whose first child had been born breech, and my parents, whose second child (my sister) had been born breech – I took this as a good omen.

At my midwife’s appointment the next day, she referred me to a consultant. I was given an appointment the following day. All night, I rehearsed arguments to put forward to the consultant I was convinced was going to talk me out of a natural delivery. At the hospital, I was immediately reassured to see an older consultant, who was quick to tell me that he had been trained to deliver breech babies. He saw no reason why I should not be allowed to try for a natural delivery. He said it was a shame that there were not more people prepared/allowed to try for this. He also said that with twins, one was often in a breech position, and that there would always be cases in the delivery suite, when babies could present breech unexpectedly, too late for anything other than a natural delivery to take place. As caesareans have become so routine, few people have ever seen a natural breech delivery, resulting in possible mistakes being made when no other options are available.

Spicy curries did not work and seven days later, I was still waiting, and desperate to go into spontaneous labour. We went for a long walk in the local park, on a beautiful summer’s day. That afternoon, I felt the unmistakable tightening sensation in my stomach – the commencement of labour.

On arrival at the delivery suite, we were shown into a room, and the midwife was very supportive, saying that it was rare for people to want natural births. I sat on the birth ball, asking Mat to rub my back when the contractions came. The labour seemed to be progressing well, and apart from intermittent monitoring of the baby’s heart beat, we were left to ourselves.

After what seemed a long time waiting, I suddenly felt an uncontrollable urge to push, followed by the emergence of a pair of feet. Mat rushed off to find the midwife. I was told to wait until the consultant ensured I was fully dilated, which fortunately I was.

A few pushes later, I was told I had delivered a healthy baby girl. She was very alert and took straight to breastfeeding. Being wheeled into the ward, I found that we had become the focus of attention, everyone asking if it was me who had given birth to the breech baby.

For the rest of the night, as I gazed down at Ruby, feeding and sleeping, in my arms, I was overwhelmed with emotions, proud of us, for having achieved what we both wanted. My only regret was that I had not been given the option of a natural birth as soon as I had discovered she was breech. As a result, I had spent an anxious month, trying to get her to turn round, and thinking I would have to have a caesarean; time that I could have been enjoying with Oscar, giving him my undivided attention, before he had to share me with his new baby sister.

We were discharged the next morning – my hospital stay having cost considerably less than a caesarean would have done. Since then, my upside down baby has continued to go from strength to strength.

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Reigate’s Ruby’s Room interiors – by Leon & Sarah French

Reigate’s Ruby’s Rooms Interiors offers a service from initial design to creation of fully personalised rooms. By creative designers and teachers : Leon & Sarah French

Email us at

Creating a special space is something I remember my parents doing for me when I was young – many years ago now! I remember the love and attention that went into the creation of a room filled with trains and animals, and it was all especially for me. Fast forward 30(ish) years and I found myself wanting to do the same for my own children.

When we were thinking about the design for our son’s nursery, the teachers in us (my wife and I are both primary school teachers) wanted the room to be a place in which our son could grow and develop – it needed to be stimulating and comforting, a place where he could feel happy, special and loved. We decided to make the walls of his room look like the pages of a story book, which included mummy and daddy as characters on the wall.

Room 1

It was when we moved our son into a bigger bedroom and created the jungle animals he had asked for on the wall, that we decided this could be something we should be sharing with other children, hence the creation of Ruby’s Rooms Interiors.

“The end product is AMAZING and we are so happy with it and most importantly the kids love it (My daughter tells everyone she has a mermaid on her wall).”

We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to have a space – be it a bedroom, playroom or any room – that was special and truly unique to them. Ruby’s Rooms Interiors offers a service from initial design to creation of fully personalised rooms. We meet our clients to create a ‘design story’. We discuss ideas and interests that we later transform into personalised sketches and designs, and then the room is brought to life!

Room 2

We understand how important it is to create rooms that are stimulating and help to develop children as they grow and learn. The beauty of this approach is that no one else will have the same room and designs are created specifically for each child and room, often with characters/designs interacting with furniture placement – something that would be impossible with generic wall stickers.

“Our son loves his space themed room and so do we. The end result was amazing.”

Room 3

We want to help those who are just beginning their journey into parenthood, those who need to transform a space, those who are looking for design inspiration, those who want something different and something special for their child.

Visit our Facebook Page

We are based in Reigate, Surrey but are available across London and the South East.

Prices will vary according to the size of the room/project but we can transform a space from as little as £100.

If you would like to have Ruby’s Rooms create a unique space for your little one, please contact us at or message us through Facebook.
Room 4

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Pamela Rhatigan is a wonderfully experienced Reigate and Bookham based pregnancy Yoga and post natal exercise teacher

Pamela Rhatigan is a wonderfully experienced Reigate and Bookham based pregnancy Yoga and post natal exercise teacher.

Pamela Rhatigan is a Yoga and exercise teacher, she also practises complimentary therapies, including Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology. She specialised in teaching mothers to massage their new-borns and in 2005 wrote Soothe Your Baby the Natural Way, an internationally sold book.

Pregnancy Class with Pamela

Pamela Rhatigan is a Sivanananda trained, personal fitness trainer, practitioner of complimentary therapies and writer. Her involvement with fitness started at school with sports, this evolved into a professional dance career. Becoming more interested in health, she became a reflexologist in 1990 and the following year as a masseuse. She also trained in natural healing, NLP and Reiki, She has developed her own transformational dance, combining guided meditation, yoga and self expressive movement to music. Recently she has trained with The United Mind and has begun teaching Laughter as a Way to Better Health classes.

Pamela’s Pregnancy Yoga class is designed for you to have an enjoyable and relaxing time, connecting to your baby, whilst improving your physical and emotional well-being. The postures develop strength and help you to feel more confident and positive. The postures are also gentle, relieving and releasing the new muscle tension building up in your body, specifically designed so you can attend throughout your pregnancy (after 12 weeks) and can be adapted to individual needs. We focus a lot on your breathing, calming the nervous system and giving you time for yourself. These techniques will also help you maintain your composure and control throughout the birthing time.

The classes are suitable for all women, regardless of their fitness level. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

Benefits of these classes include:
Improved quality of sleep
Reduced anxiety
Strengthened joints and muscles
Increased flexibility
Increased blood circulation, which also benefits your baby
Reduced swelling from fluid retention
Improved posture and body awareness
Strengthened abdominal and pelvic muscles
Improved digestive system

To Book your Class got to www.

Pamela will also be giving New Mummies Monthly Post Natal sessions to help you ease back into an exercise routine, this class will include Baby Massage,. It will be for anyone after their 6 week check up and needs to be booked through Pamela.

Contact Pamela 01372 454 998

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Labour and Birth Choice, Continuity and All That Stuff By Corrinne Gamble RM Independent Midwife

Pregnancy and Birth Choice, Continuity and All That Stuff
By Corrinne Gamble RM
Independent Midwife – Sussex and Surrey Boarders
07592 933456

Passionate about choice

So, you’ve decided to be an active participant in your pregnancy and the birth of your child? You’re half way there then, to achieving a positive empowering experience. How are you going to go about achieving the rest? What can you do that will make your carers listen to you and support your choices?

If you are low risk, no medical conditions or previous difficult births then a midwifery led birthing unit may be your better choice. You will see only midwives during pregnancy, maybe several members of the same midwifery team. The birth itself will be low key, birthing units tend to have low lighting, maybe a comfy chair and less medical equipment than a consultant unit. There may also be a built in birthing pool which you can use to labour and/or birth in. Some units are very close to an obstetric unit so if you need to see a doctor or decide you want an epidural it’s a short hop down the corridor. Others, such as Crowborough are quite a distance from the main hospital and you would need to be taken by ambulance should you need any of these things. Midwives are the guardians of normal birth and have lots of training to facilitate their listening skills, they will do their best to help you achieve the birth you want.

Maybe home birth? At home you are in charge, anyone who comes to you in labour is your guest and should behave as such. You have total choice over position, location and how you birth. The midwife will be there to offer you the support you need and again do her best to facilitate a positive experience for you. Some areas have home birth teams, usually staffed by community midwives. The size of the teams vary from 6 to maybe as many as 26. They cover home births 24 hours a day but at night there may only be two midwives covering. As a home birther you have the luxury of two midwives attending you, so there may be issues if there is more than one home birth taking place. Women are sometimes ask to go to the hospital because there is no one to send to them at home. The home birth team may be the midwives who see you antenatally so there is a chance you may have already met the midwives who come to your birth, they may already know you and what you are hoping for.

Home birth with an independent midwife? Women who choose an independent midwife do so for many reasons, maybe they are high risk and are finding it difficult to get support within the NHS. Maybe they are planning to utilise some of the more unusual birth options such as lotus birth or consuming their placenta and feel an independent midwife may be more open to these choices. Some women simply just want to get to know the midwife during the antenatal period and know it will be she that walks through the door when she is in labour. The midwife will be on call for you, usually from 37 weeks and she will battle through hell and high water to get to you in labour. She will also call a second midwife who you may have also met before. They will know your wishes and as they have no employer to answer to (they have to abide by the midwives rules) they can assist you in the way you choose, in the safest way possible. The downside of course is cost. Most IMs will be happy to sort out a payment plan with you, maybe monthly payments. It may mean that you can’t afford to trade up your car this year or have that Mediterranean holiday, but the value of a birth that is empowering, life enhancing and proactive is beyond pounds and pence.

Free birth? Birthing at home with no midwife attending, basically DIY. Some women choose this because they know that birth is a normal everyday occurrence and needs no assistance other than the support of their partner. These women will have limited pain relief options and if things start to go wrong they may have difficulty accessing a midwife and may be sent paramedics only. They are aware of these issues and some attend infant resuscitation classes during pregnancy, they have assessed the risks and have managed those risks as best they can and have made their choice. This is not illegal in the UK as long as the woman does not have someone “acting” as midwife, but partners and doulas can offer support. There have been prosecutions of partners who the courts considered acted as midwife rather than support for their birthing partner.

Obstetric unit or planned Caesarean section? These are choice too and the woman who chooses a medicalised birth is making a valid choice as much as the home birther. Looking at risk, minimising that risk and then choosing is every woman’s right. We are lucky in the UK that women and midwives cannot be prosecuted for their choices like they can in many countries, including some states in the USA. Know that these are your rights, exercise them and have a positive birth.

Corrinne Gamble RM
Independent Midwife
07592 933456

Passionate about choice

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Power of Placebo

Horizon – 2013-2014 8. The Power of the Placebo by UKTVDOCUMENTARIES

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Birth and Post natal Doula Laureen Eaton – Reigate Surrey and Sussex

— Laureen Eaton — Doula Care – based in the Crawley area extending into Surrey and East Sussex

Having a doula can make all the difference to your pregnancy labour and birth of your baby; making this special time one of positivity, calm, confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions.

Doulas provide continuous support for the whole family through pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood. We are there to listen, give confidence and not judge. Offering flexible, practical and emotional support we work in women’s own homes as well as in hospitals. We support you in whatever type birth you choose, whether it is a home birth in water, a medicalised or non-medicalised birth in hospital.

Doulas do not offer clinical skills and are not medically trained.

While doulas are not there to change outcomes there is growing evidence that having a birth or postnatal doula brings a number of tangible benefits. From reducing intervention rates, shortening labour and improving the condition of babies at birth. While this research is important, it’s the less tangible benefits of having a non-judgemental companion during a life-altering event that most woman remember and value.

Working together as a team, with Mum, the loving support of Dad, and the knowledge and experience a doula brings can create an amazing atmosphere for a baby to be brought into the world.

Postnatal doulas provide flexible practical and emotional support postnatally for new mothers and families in their own homes.


My name is Laureen and I am married with five lovely grown up children and seven gorgeous grandchildren. My background is teaching and I am a qualified infant teacher and an Adult Education tutor.

I believe passionately in the ability of a woman to birth her baby, and whilst there is a place for medical interventions, most women, with loving support and care, can give birth without them. Dad’s are important and they need support too.

Since training with Nurturing Birth in 2009, I have supported over 40 women and their families, in all stages throughout the birthing process. From breastfeeding support, to facilitating pool births at home, to providing practical support around the home after the birth. I can give you the confidence to feel empowered to birth your baby without medical interventions. Essentially, I will support and prepare you towards having the birth you want, safe, calm and confident. I also specialise in using a Rebozo – a Mexican scarf, as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.
My services

Birth Package – £500

I offer you a free consultation to talk about my services and answer any of your questions.
I will meet with you twice before the birth to get to know you and your partner to build a good relationship with understanding and trust and to ensure I know your plans and requirements for your labour. I will prepare you for the labour and the birth of your baby and help you write your birth preferences, giving you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.
I will stay with you throughout labour, however long, providing nurturing, continuous support and reassurance; helping you to have the birth you want. I will also encourage your partner (if you have one) to participate in the birth to a level at which he feels comfortable.
During labour, whether at home or in hospital I do my best to create a quiet and comfortable environment where you will feel safe and nurtured while you give birth to your baby. I will remain with you until after the birth to ensure you are comfortable with your new baby and baby has had his first feed.
I will make two follow up visits to debrief with you your birth, give you support and encouragement with breastfeeding, help out in your home, with baby care, light housework and be a listening ear.
If you wish I can make you a placenta smoothie.
I have a tens machine
I have a birth pool-which you can hire.
Postnatal Services – £17 an hour
In the early days or weeks following the birth of your baby you and your family may need some extra help. I will be available to come to your home for 3 – 4 hrs a day to do various household tasks such as light house work, making lunch, preparing vegetables, shopping, walking the dog, looking after siblings etc., to enable you to mother your newborn and also to have a well deserved rest.
I will give you support and encouragement in breastfeeding if that is what you have chosen to do and provide you with emotional support if needed.
One to one Birth Preparation
You may not wish to have a doula with you in labour, but would like to have the benefit of one to one birth preparation with a doula in the comfort of your own home. These evenings are tailored to each woman and her partner depending on YOUR needs.
Guha – second baby
Laureen was a pillar of strength and support for me during the birth of my second son. Having had a traumatic emergency cesarean birth for my first son, I was very keen to have a vaginal birth for my second son. My first baby was posterior. Laureen’s suggestions and exercises during my second pregnancy helped maintain my baby in the proper position. On the day when I was in labour, she arrived at my home very quickly once I messaged her. She was highly professional and helped my husband and me remain calm throughout. She massaged my back during every contraction for almost 9 hrs. She reminded me to breathe throughout labour and helped me have the water birth that I wanted, constantly encouraging me at times when I was almost about to give up.
Zara – first baby
Laureen was brilliant from the start. She answered my phone call and talked me through the services she offers. She was so friendly. When she came for our antenatal meeting she had so much information about labour, birth and breastfeeding, which put our minds at ease. We both really enjoyed her two sessions as she gave us so much insight into the wonderful labour. I found it was so helpful to practice the breathing and getting into the different positions she showed me for labour and giving birth.
I cannot stress enough what an amazing woman Laureen is. She is so calming yet assertive when she needs to be. For example she repeated and insisted my requests to the medical staff when my voice was not being heard. I would use Laureen again, without a doubt.
If you are considering a Doula, or would like to find out more about how I can support you, please get in touch for a chat.

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