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Surrey Homebirth

We have set up a Surrey homebirth group, here is the facebook group .. feel free to join us… Surrey homebirth facebook group
If you are planning on a homebirth, here is some information that you may find of use on your journey to your homebirth.

Midwifery today
“The uplifting feeling a mum gets, having birthed in her own power, is unlike anything else in the world. Homebirth is the gold standard, God’s standard, and the highest standard of Birth possible. ” – Midwifery Today

Pool Hire
Birth pool hire, many couples have used, and recommended Water baby birthing pool hire

Practical Issues
Choosing, Installing, Filling and Maintaining the Pool – Is your floor strong enough?

Homebirth Dads
*1.In a home birth you are no longer relegated to the bench. *
*2. You’ll lose less hair and gain fewer wrinkles. *
*3. Home is where the heart is – not to mention cds, DVDs, the play station…*
*4. Say goodbye to the little things that kill *
*5. You don’t have to live the delivery room cliché of the hapless and scorned father*
*6. You are He-man of the home, you have the power! *
*7. You won’t have your surprised, fragile heart ripped out. * -.

Fantastic Homebirth Kits –

As the longest established supplier of homebirth equipment in the UK you can trust that we have all the bases covered to create a tranquil, peaceful and comforting environment for both mother, baby, and of course your families too.

Home-birth from a Dad’s perspective (Comedian Rob Bryden’s).

Home Birth stories in the media
Giving birth at home is rare but comforting. Home births: home born is best, Safe as houses: James Cracknell and his wife Beverley Turner with their new daughter, Kiki, who was born at home. ‘I would do it all again tomorrow,’ The Telegraph she says http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/women_shealth/7045021/Home-births-home-born-is-best.html
‘My baby’s home birth is best thing I’ve done’.

Home water HypnoBirth Story – First time Dad – Newbury 2011
“Dear Leila,
I think Katie has sent you a text message but just to let you know our daughter Vanille Mae was born on 2nd November 2011 at 09:40.
The Hypnobirthing really helped. Katie had a very quick labour – only 4 – 4.5 hours. I was able to (thanks to the post-hypnotic suggestions) relax her very quickly. This meant she was 6-7 cm dilated only 2 hours after her waters broke, Katie also had no contractions at all before her waters broke – we also used Clary Sage oil in massage for the week previous to the birth. Katie had no pain relief until the very last bit when she had some gas and air. There was a slight complication in that she had a post par tum haemorrhage – this meant she had to have the Oxytocin as there was a concern that the uterus was not contracting properly, she was not able to deliver the placenta naturally due to the blood loss and was transferred to hospital. We did have the water birth we planned so we were really satisfied with the birth – everything pretty much went according to plan, apart from the slight complication at the end.
One of the midwives was amazed at how relaxed and relatively pain-free Katie was and were even more surprised that she had a 9lb 9oz baby with absolutely no tearing or cutting needed whatsoever – so we definitely recommend the perineal massage! Katie feels the affirmations about the baby being the perfect size for her really helped as although Vanille is big compared to average sizes – she is the perfect size for us.
We were also very lucky as one of the midwives was experienced with Hypnosis and was therefore able to continue guiding Katie when I had to do something else like top-up the water in the pool. We were also lucky that this was the midwife Katie had been seeing at the surgery. This midwife also carried on the Hypnosis techniques when Katie was in hospital having the blood clots manually removed as I was looking after the baby and was following behind a short time later.
Vanille is a very calm contented baby, she responds well and is feeding very well so we are very pleased with things! One bonus of being the father AND Katie’s hypno-birthing companion is, Vanille also recognised my voice immediately following the birth and although she was fussing when the midwife was weighing her, she calmed down as soon as she was handed to me and heard my voice.
Just thought I would let you know we are very grateful for all the skills we learned in your classes and have started to apply them to the next stage – breastfeeding! Thank you again!
Kind Wishes,
Cliff, Katie & Vanille Iredale”

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