Inspiring Home Birth Stories… in Surrey, London and Newbury

Inspiring HomeBirth Stories …

Home water HypnoBirth story ..
First time Dad – Newbury November 2011

“Dear Leila,
I think Katie has sent you a text message but just to let you know our daughter Vanille Mae was born on 2nd November 2011 at 09:40.
The Hypnobirthing really helped. Katie had a very quick labour – only 4 – 4.5 hours. I was able to (thanks to the post-hypnotic suggestions) relax her very quickly. This meant she was 6-7 cm dilated only 2 hours after her waters broke, Katie also had no contractions at all before her waters broke – we also used Clary Sage oil in massage for the week previous to the birth. Katie had no pain relief until the very last bit when she had some gas and air. There was a slight complication in that she had a post par tum haemorrhage – this meant she had to have the Oxytocin as there was a concern that the uterus was not contracting properly, she was not able to deliver the placenta naturally due to the blood loss and was transferred to hospital. We did have the water birth we planned so we were really satisfied with the birth – everything pretty much went according to plan, apart from the slight complication at the end.
One of the midwives was amazed at how relaxed and relatively pain-free Katie was and were even more surprised that she had a 9lb 9oz baby with absolutely no tearing or cutting needed whatsoever – so we definitely recommend the perineal massage! Katie feels the affirmations about the baby being the perfect size for her really helped as although Vanille is big compared to average sizes – she is the perfect size for us.
We were also very lucky as one of the midwives was experienced with Hypnosis and was therefore able to continue guiding Katie when I had to do something else like top-up the water in the pool. We were also lucky that this was the midwife Katie had been seeing at the surgery. This midwife also carried on the Hypnosis techniques when Katie was in hospital having the blood clots manually removed as I was looking after the baby and was following behind a short time later.
Vanille is a very calm contented baby, she responds well and is feeding very well so we are very pleased with things! One bonus of being the father AND Katie’s hypno-birthing companion is, Vanille also recognised my voice immediately following the birth and although she was fussing when the midwife was weighing her, she calmed down as soon as she was handed to me and heard my voice.
Just thought I would let you know we are very grateful for all the skills we learned in your classes and have started to apply them to the next stage – breastfeeding! Thank you again!
Kind Wishes,
Cliff, Katie & Vanille Iredale”

Home water Hypnobirth
First time Mum Reigate- February 2011.

“Our little boy was born at 6:10am on Wed 23rd Feb, 7 pounds 12.
After some trouble with midwife cover we eventually managed to have a home waterbirth exactly as planned.”

For about a month prior to the birth of my son baby Zack I was having Braxton Hicks.
On Sunday 20th Feb I had a broken night sleep with cramps in my tummy, this also happened a few time during the day on the 21st and the night again was broken by the cramps.
On the morning of 21st Feb I woke with the contractions getting closer together. I ran a bath and soaked in it playing my hypnobirthing relaxing track, followed by the affirmations.
At 11am I went for my 40 week check up, my midwife told me that I was as I had thought in labour, however informed me that there was no way I would be able to have a home-birth that night as there was a shortage of staff.
I had my water bath already blown up and waiting and was devastated to think I would not get the opportunity to use it. I talked to my baby in my tummy and pleaded that he would not be born until the following day when there would be cover for the home birth. However at 11pm that night the contractions had increased to every 5 mins and were getting more painful, so we ventured to East Surrey hospital.
Once there I was told that I probably wasn’t very dilated as I did not look like a lady in labour I seemed calm and relaxed. When examined I was told I was 5cm dilated. My blood pressure had raised to a 93 (lower) due to coming to the hospital, which compared with 63 when my pregnancy started. I was told that I wouldn’t have been allowed a home birth with my blood pressure this high anyway. The midwife that had taken my blood pressure was the community midwife that would have been attending the home-birth if there was another team member available. She left it a minute and took my blood pressure from the other arm it had reduced to 87 which was better. She said that she was upset as she would have loved to attend a home water birth, she said there was a slight possibility that one of the staff maybe able to be released from the hospital, as it was very quiet that night no one was in labour. She had a quiet word with the chief midwife who very kindly agreed, so off we all went home. My blood pressure had reduced to 76 when I reached home.
During the contractions I did my long slow breathing 20 seconds in 20 seconds out I found this the most valuable breathing technique during my labour, I then used the relaxing breathing between contractions and the J breathing during the final stage.
Once I entered the water at around 2am I played my hypnobirthing CD pretty constantly and I found that I tuned everything else out. I focused on the words on the CD and went into a trance like state. During the contractions I wanted to be left on my own concentrating only on my breathing. The water was wonderful helping to relax me.
At about 4am I entered the crowning stage of the labour, this was very long lasting 2 hours, but was good as my contractions slowed down and were very intense but I did not push when told too, I worked with my contractions, breathing whenever they happened, although slow and painful at this time I was really pleased I listened to my body as Zack arrived at 6am and I only required two stitches which were put in to be on the safe side. I had no drugs at all and thank my hypnobirthing for this.
I never went to hospital and was out walking the following day.
My birthing experience was natural and exactly as I had planned and hoped for.
Leila thank you for bringing hypnobirthing to me and for helping me have the birth I had hoped for
Homebirth 2nd time mum Headley – Jane 2010 – jane
Homebirth 2nd time Mum Headley – Sept 2010 – Vivienne
Homebirth 1st time mum – Langley Vale Oct 2011- Eleanor
Homebirth 2nd time Mum – Horely – July 2012 – Moira
Homebirth 2nd time Mum – Guildford- Jan 2010 – Joanna

Three amazing inspiring non HypnoBirthing Homebirths,
Two of which took place in Lower Kingwood Surrey.

“Baby number 1

I always knew that I wanted a home birth. I believe in doing things naturally and was aware that statistically a home birth was no higher risk than a hospital birth. In fact, some figures suggest that it is even safer. Admittedly, if I lived in the Outer Hebrides I would have had second thoughts, but knowing that I was within 20-30 minutes of the nearest hospital, I had no hesitation in confirming my decision to my GP, who was fully supportive of my decision.
The main reasoning behind my decision was that I was adamant I was not going to be ‘interfered’ with and I did not want any intervention unless absolutely necessary. I really didn’t want to end up having a caesarean and the best way to avoid this I thought was to avoid hospital in the first place! These were not feelings led by any ‘horror’ stories I had heard; in fact, I didn’t know very many friends with babies at that time, it was just the way I felt.
I had all my ante natal appointments at home (although this is not usually the case, I was lucky!), by my allocated midwife and it was wonderful knowing who would be attending to me during the birth since I had met all 3 members of the homebirth team.
I thought about a birthing pool, but decided against it; it didn’t seem all that practical a thing to have hanging around the house for possibly a month! I thought about the pain relief options, though these are limited with a home birth, and decided gas and air would do me. The midwife delivered my home birth kit a few weeks before my due date, so all the things they might need would be ready.
I settled down for a good night’s sleep when during the early hours my waters started breaking. I called my midwife in the morning (a Sunday) and she came over at 9am to assess me. I was having irregular contractions and she advised me to call again once they were at 5-minute intervals. By mid morning this was the case and the 2nd midwife (2 are allocated to each home birth) came to me at 12pm. As soon as she arrived she began to massage my crippling back and it was a wonderful relief. She also ran me a bath and with some hot water top ups from my husband I stayed in there for the next couple of hours. She stayed with me the whole time, gently pouring warm water on to my lower tummy every time I had a contraction, which was a great help. She was also there with some encouraging words!
During the afternoon the 1st midwife also came back and from there on they were with me the whole time, at one point I even had the 3rd pop in! He (yes, he!) kindly offered to cover shift at the hospital for one of the others so that the same 2 midwives could stay with me throughout. Consistency of care is a huge bonus with a home birth. You will have the same midwife/wives throughout your labour and they aren’t going anywhere!
I was quite sick with my labour and didn’t end up with any gas and air, so the whole labour was as natural as could be. Breathing technique was important to help manage the pain and I had already chosen some relaxing cd’s to play during my labour.
My midwives were great. Being my first child I did not know what to expect and so having their support was invaluable. I always felt in safe hands as I was monitored constantly and the baby’s heartbeat checked regularly.
My labour progressed well for a first delivery and at 8.30pm I delivered, after an episiotomy, a rather large boy! I felt so incredibly proud of myself for having such a natural birth and thought it quite funny when the midwife finally offered me some gas and air for my stitches, because “it might hurt a bit”!
It was wonderful to have spent the day in my own house rather than a hospital room, and once I had delivered I was run a bath (in my own bath!) and snuggled up in my own bed with my new baby. The midwives tidied everything up and there was no mess whatsoever!
Baby number 2
When I fell pregnant with my 2nd child, my husband and I both had no qualms about having another home birth. My pregnancy went well. Should I have had any medical ‘issues’ I would definitely have adhered to doctors advice should they have felt a hospital birth would be safer.
Again, although I lived in a different borough, I knew the midwifery team from my antenatal visits, which were at my local GP surgery. I wasn’t allocated a particular midwife this time, whoever was on call at the time, would come out to me.
I went into labour again during the nighttime and waited a little too long this time to call the midwife. I had waited until my contractions were 5 minutes apart before waking my husband and calling the hospital. However, being baby number 2 they progressed rather too quickly from 5 min to 2 min. The midwife did arrive in the nick of time but my advice would be to allow more time 2nd time around!
This delivery was more straightforward in the fact that it was a lot quicker, and no episiotomy was required. I had little chance to practice my breathing techniques since my contractions advanced so swiftly and suddenly I was pushing. There was certainly no time to think about gas and air that the midwife didn’t have anyway. (They have to first collect it from the hospital).
My little girl was not breathing when she was born and was grey in colour. I also only had one midwife with me since there was too little time for another to arrive. However, with some baby massage and suction for her nose and mouth she soon started to breath. She delivered in such a rush and had already passed muconeum so it appears that she just got ‘blocked up’. The midwife was immediately able to deal with this since syringes are part of the home birth kit, so she could clear out my baby’s nose and mouth.
Again, it was great to be in my own environment and this time I had my 3-year-old son downstairs waiting to find out who his sibling was! It was lovely for him to come straight upstairs, from his early morning TV treat to find out that he had a baby sister and to give her a cuddle. My husband could then run him to preschool whilst the midwife stayed with me. With a hospital birth I would have been getting my 3 year old out of bed in the early hours of the morning, or calling a friend, so that he could be looked after.
The doctor came out to check me and the baby in the afternoon (the midwives now do these checks), so we were well looked after.

Baby number 3
Glutton for punishment I went for a 3rd! Again there was no question on where we would like the birth to take place.
I knew the midwives from birth number 2, everything went smoothly with my pregnancy and yet again I went into labour during the night, with almost exactly the same timings as number 2. The midwife had plenty of time to arrive this time since I rang in good time and once she had arrived and assessed me she called for the other midwife to attend.
My other two woke up whilst I was in labour and proceeded to go downstairs, make their own breakfast and get ready for school with some supervision from daddy. He also rang my neighbour to ask her to take them to school and just as she knocked on the door to collect them he was able to announce it was a brother!
This birth was in some ways the most difficult. I now know that that he was 9lb15oz and lying back to back. This was an excruciating experience and I was grateful for the gas and air this time. However, I was able to manage my own labour with the midwives help. If I had been in hospital I think it may have been a different story. My 1st born boy was also large and should I have had an epidural for example I may not have been able to push satisfactorily.
This time the baby’s heart rate did start to slow; I was pushing and pushing and getting nowhere. The midwife declared that the baby needed to come out, NOW, and proceeded to move my position, leaving me thinking, ‘well, I don’t know how it’s going to come out like this?’ Next push, there he was, leaving me no doubt that they do indeed know exactly what they are doing!
I was in my own bed with my new baby, relaxed and comfortable, being expertly cared for. The midwives ran me a bath and looked after me whilst my husband made us all tea and toast. I could get to enjoy my new son in my own familiar comfortable surroundings straight away, with no need to travel anywhere. This has got to be one of the major benefits of a home birth.
I don’t believe home births are for everyone. It should be a calm experience, not a stressful one. The number one consideration for a home birth I would say is managing the pain. You have no access to an epidural and cannot suddenly ask for something the midwife hasn’t got or can’t give in a home environment.”

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