Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers’ day to all great Dads, and Dads-to-be around the world!

” A father is a man who has photos in his wallet, where his money used to be. ”

Historically, it appears that a widowed civil war veteran of six children created Father’s Day in the early 1900s. Apparently she set this special day to honour her own father, who helped raise her six children on a farm.

Some Inspiration for dads, and indeed how important and valuable they are, this is from a Dad of triplets and 2 older boys! – A video creating ‘fun family memories.’ Created and directed by their Mum .
– I’m a Daddy and I know it!

What’s it like for a father to deliver his own baby? When Anna Cash unexpectedly went into labour at home, her husband James had but no choice to deliver his son.
“There was a five-minute period that I will always treasure, when the three of us just stayed there on the bathroom floor, Anna and I looking at each other and saying “Oh my God” over and over, trying to take in what had just happened. I can only describe the feeling as an explosion of elation. It was the most magical time. Here we were, with our little one between us, and we had done it all on our own.” James Cash HypnoBirthing Dad – The Telegraph

Some Dads in the Public Eye in Britain

Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls who faces numerous hair-raising situations during the filming of Man vs. Wild, but nothing amazed him more than watching his wife Shara give birth naturally to their third son Huckleberry ‘Huck’ Edward Joscelyne. “Shara had him at home,” notes Bear, – Moms and Babies Magazine

Mo Farah

Just weeks after delighting British crowds by storming to a rare double Olympic gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m, Farah was celebrating the birth of twin daughters Aisha and Amani.

After being voted Celebrity Dad of The Year by the British public, the 30-year-old said: “I train to be an athlete but there is no training to be a dad and I’m learning all the time. This award shows I must doing something right, which is a real confidence boost!

Farah’s wife Tania gave birth to the twins at the end of August after his golden summer. He dedicated his Olympic medals to the babies. Now his family is one of the biggest pick-me-ups after a hard day’s training.

“The best part (of fatherhood) is being able to come back and see the girls,” he said.
“Even when I’m exhausted from training, I get home and see them and suddenly I feel amazing again.
“To have three beautiful daughters is a blessing that I am grateful for every day.” – The Evening Standard

Prince William

Expectant first time Father Prince William, plans on being by his wife’s Side throughout the birth. According to Grazia Magazine, The Duchess of Cambridge has been reported to be using HypnoBirthing. Using HypnoBirthing helps dads get involved and be an active part of the process. The birth companion’s role in the birthing process can be such an important one. They can support, calm & guide the birthing process, being in control rather than a sidelined player. With HypnoBirthing™, both Mother and Father can work as a team in bringing their baby into the world.

HypnoBirthing will teach the dads as birthing companions:

  • Hypnosis scripts to read to the Mother
  • Massage techniques assist endorphin release
  • Prompting Various Breathing techniques to work with the body
  • Relaxation skills for Expectant Dads & Mums
  • Tips on advocating your birth preferences

They can ultimately feel a valuable team member on the birthing team. A great place to start the parenting journey! More information on how Fathers can make a difference in birthing.

Happy Fathers Day!!

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