Where’s that royal baby? Is Kate Middleton overdue? Can the next heir to the throne really be overdue??”

Where’s that royal baby? Is Kate Middleton overdue? Can the next heir to the British throne really be overdue??”

As it has become public knowledge that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is doing HypnoBirthing. This will have educated the Royal couple Prince William, and Duchess of Cambridge, that the window for birth is in fact that. Most babies are not born at 40 weeks gestation. Depending on what statistics you read , the “due/guess” date is only true of 5% of babies. 95 % of babies are not born on their “Estimated Due Date.” The window for normal pregnancy is 37 to 42 weeks for most.

In fact, in France, they calculate the due date by starting 2 weeks from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle and then count 9 months. So 2 weeks until conception and 39 weeks of pregnancy – resulting in 41 weeks of Pregnancy.

In keeping with the Inspiring Birth Mission …..the following poem is an answer to those who ask… if Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge , and all Mums to be, feeling the heat .. Have you had the baby yet??! when will the baby arrive?! Have you felt any twinges?!!

Share this with all who ask these questions…

” .. We’re just fine…..
My baby’s not a library book,
so he/she’s not overdue.
My baby doesn’t over-cook,
coz he/she’s not veggie stew.
My baby’s not an elephant,
and I’m not fit to burst.
The time and date aren’t relevant,
we’re blessed with days, not cursed.
My baby can’t read dates as yet,
because he/she’s very new.
So there’s no cause to fuss and fret,
if he/she don’t come on cue.
So stop your worry,
stop your asking,
there’s no hurry
we’re relaxing
in this golden pregnant time,
this pause, which is just his/hers and mine.
You leave us be, we are just fine .. ”

Every best wish!

Final note, the next Heir to throne is not Overdue or late, just keeping you in suspense!

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