Hypnotherapy for weight-loss in Reigate Surrey.

Hypnotherapy for weight-loss in Reigate Surrey.

Often I get asked how hypnotherapy can help? One of the great things the hypnotherapy tools can bring about, is changing our thinking, and therefore our behaviour. Especially powerful for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, and size. And ultimately build a positive relationship with food, and our bodies. Fad diets tend not be healthy, or easy to sustain long-term.

Our aim at Inspiring Minds Hypnotherapy, is to bring about a healthy lifestyle change, that slowly but surely helps shed pounds, and keep them off. Hence you do not feel deprived or guilty. The new pattern honours ourselves, and our bodies, and help in feeling at our best.

Here is some inspiration from a lady I saw, who kindly shared her story. Some inspiration on how hypnotherapy can help you with weight-loss.

” I approached Leila for hypnotherapy to help me get fit and reach a healthy weight. My self-esteem was low and my body felt like a burden. Leila’s way of working is to talk through your feelings and help you find the answers by yourself – she doesn’t tell you what to do but helps support you as you realise what steps you can take to help yourself. So we compiled a list a practical steps I could do to stop snacking, to understand why I was over-eating and how to control my appetite using good foods, and how to plan my exercise routine so I would be able to keep it up and not make excuses to avoid it. Then Leila talked me through a relaxation, a delightful gentle process which feels a little like dreaming, a deep and focused state of mind where your breathing is so calm and your mind is open to her words.

During the relaxation Leila planted positive phrases which we had chatted about just moments before. I felt these were like little seeds – when you come back to the room and “wake up” these ideas are fresh in your mind and continue to be there for days afterwards. These positive seeds grow into stronger habits and helped me make good decisions. whenever I am struggling I can recall them automatically for support. One of these ideas was called an anchor: by touching my thumb and forefinger together I activate this “anchor” to give myself a rush of positive energy and happiness. It really works – I use it when I’m about to give up during running or cycling or stressing out in everyday situations – it’s almost like a magic spell! All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis and you are making the changes by yourself – it is not about giving control away to your therapist but actually taking control of your own thoughts and habits. I have achieved my goal of making exercise from a chore into a regular pleasure and I now enjoy and respect my body with all its imperfections. ” Gabi, Banstead

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