How to hold a Grief Ceremony – Dedicated to all those we have loved and lost

Someone very much loved, in my life passed away…

. It was a sudden, and totally unexpected shock. It has been such a hard time, and holding a grief ceremony has helped with the grieving. Knowing and believing parts of people who touch our lives, always live on through, and with us. It is a wonderful blessing to have had such people in our lives. ..

But as the Poet Ferdowski says, in his book of Kings..

” We’ve reached the end of this great history,

And all the land will fill with talk of me.

I shall not die, these seeds I’ve sown will save

My name and reputation from the grave,

And men of sense and wisdom will proclaim,

When I have gone my praises and my name.”

Why hold a grief ceremony…

When people we love pass… it’s essential to allow time to grieve…
Whatever one’s belief about what happens to the human individual
After living… there has been a sudden change in our emotional
Landscape . . This can require some … profound Acknowledgment and adjustment. …


A Grief Ceremony can help us process,….. and mourn a loss.
By creating a ritual to say goodbye….. allows us ….to acknowledge the loss
and emotionally release….. The most powerful ceremonies will always be
the ones we create …….because they will be more meaningful to us.


The ceremony can be alone or with or a close friend or family.

Following suggestions can assist you in creating a simple yet Meaningful ritual way for saying goodbye.

* Gathering any objects that remind us of then. These can be items such or photos, cards from, gifts, a symbolic object , or a balloon.

*Write a letter to your loved one. In the letter you may write about what their life meant to you, how you feel about the loss, why you are
doing this ceremony and saying goodbye. Or you may prefer to find a
poem or a story, which you would like to read at the ceremony.

* Find a special place to do your ceremony. You may choose to do it in
your garden, at home, near a river, or by the sea.

-Prepare the space. You could decorate it, light candles, place
flowers, and create a comfortable place to sit.
*Take some time to sit in silence, to relax and focus your intention.
* When you are ready to read the letter, poem or story out loud. or say a special prayer
Say any words, which are meaningful for you.

* Allow as much time as you need to say goodbye.

* Find a symbolic ritual to say goodbye. You may want to release a
Balloon, or bury the item or letter or other.

* Find a symbolic ritual to give thanks. You may like to plant a flower or
Sprinkle some seeds.

This is an opportunity for you to give thanks and acknowledge the
Value and meaning your loved one brought to your life.

– Close the ceremony. –

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