Pamela Rhatigan is a wonderfully experienced Reigate and Bookham based pregnancy Yoga and post natal exercise teacher

Pamela Rhatigan is a wonderfully experienced Reigate and Bookham based pregnancy Yoga and post natal exercise teacher.

Pamela Rhatigan is a Yoga and exercise teacher, she also practises complimentary therapies, including Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology. She specialised in teaching mothers to massage their new-borns and in 2005 wrote Soothe Your Baby the Natural Way, an internationally sold book.

Pregnancy Class with Pamela

Pamela Rhatigan is a Sivanananda trained, personal fitness trainer, practitioner of complimentary therapies and writer. Her involvement with fitness started at school with sports, this evolved into a professional dance career. Becoming more interested in health, she became a reflexologist in 1990 and the following year as a masseuse. She also trained in natural healing, NLP and Reiki, She has developed her own transformational dance, combining guided meditation, yoga and self expressive movement to music. Recently she has trained with The United Mind and has begun teaching Laughter as a Way to Better Health classes.

Pamela’s Pregnancy Yoga class is designed for you to have an enjoyable and relaxing time, connecting to your baby, whilst improving your physical and emotional well-being. The postures develop strength and help you to feel more confident and positive. The postures are also gentle, relieving and releasing the new muscle tension building up in your body, specifically designed so you can attend throughout your pregnancy (after 12 weeks) and can be adapted to individual needs. We focus a lot on your breathing, calming the nervous system and giving you time for yourself. These techniques will also help you maintain your composure and control throughout the birthing time.

The classes are suitable for all women, regardless of their fitness level. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

Benefits of these classes include:
Improved quality of sleep
Reduced anxiety
Strengthened joints and muscles
Increased flexibility
Increased blood circulation, which also benefits your baby
Reduced swelling from fluid retention
Improved posture and body awareness
Strengthened abdominal and pelvic muscles
Improved digestive system

To Book your Class got to www.

Pamela will also be giving New Mummies Monthly Post Natal sessions to help you ease back into an exercise routine, this class will include Baby Massage,. It will be for anyone after their 6 week check up and needs to be booked through Pamela.

Contact Pamela 01372 454 998

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