Reigate’s Ruby’s Room interiors – by Leon & Sarah French

Reigate’s Ruby’s Rooms Interiors offers a service from initial design to creation of fully personalised rooms. By creative designers and teachers : Leon & Sarah French

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Creating a special space is something I remember my parents doing for me when I was young – many years ago now! I remember the love and attention that went into the creation of a room filled with trains and animals, and it was all especially for me. Fast forward 30(ish) years and I found myself wanting to do the same for my own children.

When we were thinking about the design for our son’s nursery, the teachers in us (my wife and I are both primary school teachers) wanted the room to be a place in which our son could grow and develop – it needed to be stimulating and comforting, a place where he could feel happy, special and loved. We decided to make the walls of his room look like the pages of a story book, which included mummy and daddy as characters on the wall.

Room 1

It was when we moved our son into a bigger bedroom and created the jungle animals he had asked for on the wall, that we decided this could be something we should be sharing with other children, hence the creation of Ruby’s Rooms Interiors.

“The end product is AMAZING and we are so happy with it and most importantly the kids love it (My daughter tells everyone she has a mermaid on her wall).”

We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to have a space – be it a bedroom, playroom or any room – that was special and truly unique to them. Ruby’s Rooms Interiors offers a service from initial design to creation of fully personalised rooms. We meet our clients to create a ‘design story’. We discuss ideas and interests that we later transform into personalised sketches and designs, and then the room is brought to life!

Room 2

We understand how important it is to create rooms that are stimulating and help to develop children as they grow and learn. The beauty of this approach is that no one else will have the same room and designs are created specifically for each child and room, often with characters/designs interacting with furniture placement – something that would be impossible with generic wall stickers.

“Our son loves his space themed room and so do we. The end result was amazing.”

Room 3

We want to help those who are just beginning their journey into parenthood, those who need to transform a space, those who are looking for design inspiration, those who want something different and something special for their child.

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We are based in Reigate, Surrey but are available across London and the South East.

Prices will vary according to the size of the room/project but we can transform a space from as little as £100.

If you would like to have Ruby’s Rooms create a unique space for your little one, please contact us at [email protected] or message us through Facebook.
Room 4

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