Beyond HypnoBirthing

Many people do not know of the general Hypnotherapy work I offer beyond maternity and birth.


Since 2011, the general Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy skills workshops and CDs offered have benefited many people from all walks of life. These can positively help in many fields. The Deep Relaxation CD can benefit those who would like to step up the relaxation practice and reverse the ‘fight or flight response’. This guided meditation can effectively help bring about deep abdominal breathing, assisting in activating the relaxation hormones to restore well-being which has a profound effect on both mind and body.

These can become part of our very much needed self-help calming toolkit of skills. Essential in our current busy hyper brain stimulation information age. Here is where you can obtain a copy, or even sample a few minutes of this Deep Relaxation track.

For further inspiration on what you can achieve :

Hypnotherapy for weightloss

“I approached Leila for hypnotherapy to help me get fit and reach a healthy weight. My self-esteem was low and my body felt like a burden. Leila’s way of working is to talk through your feelings and help you find the answers by yourself – she doesn’t tell you what to do but helps support you as you realise what steps you can take to help yourself. So we compiled a list a practical steps I could do to stop snacking, to understand why I was over-eating and how to control my appetite using good foods, and how to plan my exercise routine so I would be able to keep it up and not make excuses to avoid it. Then Leila talked me through a relaxation, a delightful gentle process which feels a little like dreaming, a deep and focused state of mind where your breathing is so calm and your mind is open to her words.

During the relaxation, Leila planted positive phrases which we had chatted about just moments before. I felt these were like little seeds – when you come back to the room and “wake up” these ideas are fresh in your mind and continue to be there for days afterwards. These positive seeds grow into stronger habits and helped me make good decisions. whenever I am struggling I can recall them automatically for support. One of these ideas was called an anchor: by touching my thumb and forefinger together I activate this “anchor” to give myself a rush of positive energy and happiness.

It really works – I use it when I’m about to give up during running or cycling or stressing out in everyday situations – it’s almost like a magic spell! All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis and you are making the changes by yourself – it is not about giving control away to your therapist but actually taking control of your own thoughts and habits. I have achieved my goal of making exercise from a chore into a regular pleasure and I now enjoy and respect my body with all its imperfections.” Gabi in Banstead Surrey

Hypnotherapy for healthier eating habits

“I went to see Leila about some fussy eating habits Ive had since I was young and that I have been unable to kick by myself! I was not convinced hypnotherapy would work but I felt I needed to try something new. For me it wasn’t just about not liking certain foods but I also had some psychological barriers preventing me from moving forward. Leila introduced me to deep relaxation and new patterns of thinking. These new patterns have made me feel a lot more calm and open when it comes to trying new things and in turn I am slowly but surely introducing more new foods into my diet. Leila also advised me to try relaxing at home and also gave me a CD to relax to and I have used it most nights before I go to sleep making me feel calm and composed and also sends me off into a deep sleep!

I couldn’t recommend hypnotherapy enough, It has given me the push I needed to make changes in my life that I couldn’t on my own. Leila is a great hypnotherapist making you feel comfortable and at home.” Rose from Reigate Surrey.

Hypnotherapy for stopping bed-wetting and being dry at night

“Thank you very much Leila for you help and support in helping my 5 year old son stay dry at night through using hypnotherapy.

I would thoroughly recommend Leila to others. She is very calm, organised and professional. Leila had my sons best interests at heart and so came to my house so he would be in a familiar environment and therefore more relaxed and responsive. She calmly talked through idea ideas and ways and behaviours with him in a way which suited his age and character. Leila gave my son and me the confidence to get rid of the pull ups and in a ten day period he had eight dry nights having never had a dry nights before. She helped him understand his body and the control he had over it. She didn’t recommend limiting drinks on hot days or medication or anything else I had previously been uncomfortable with.

Leila wasn’t pushy or at all or saying we needed loads of sessions but has left it up to me to decide and for my son to take the lead.

I am so pleased to have asked for Leila’s help and to have helped my son and given him this added confidence and sense of pride to not be in his pull ups.

Thank you Leila and I am sure to be using your hypnotherapy sessions again. Kind regards From mum of two in Redhill Surrey ‘

Hypnotherapy to prepare for neurosurgery and post surgery healing

“Leila and her hypnotherapy helped through a very difficult time in my life. In 2011, I had to undergo extensive neurosurgery to my neck and spinal canal as it was discovered that I had very large benign tumour that was soon to cause me complete paralysis. Unfortunately, the neurosurgery itself had a high risk of causing the same paralysis.

During the 4 weeks leading up to the first of three operations (a total of 8 hours) I met with Leila weekly. These were the darkest weeks of my life following diagnosis and I was very grateful to know Leila. As well as the hypnotherapy, she helped me practise self-calming techniques, positive affirmations and healing visualisations so that I could be as mentally prepared as possible for whatever was going to happen.

As I sat in my operating gown waiting for my call to theatre, I read her notes in the hospital and practised the techniques. As I was prepared for theatre I felt calm and focused, ready for whatever trauma was ahead of me.

My recovery was paralysis free thankfully, although I was in pain and unwell for some time. Once home and before I could drive again, Leila came to visit to provide me with a couple of hypnotherapy sessions. These encouraged healing and inner calmness. It had been a mental as well as physically traumatic experience. A small amount of tumour still remains but should remain unthreatening for many years hopefully before any further surgery is needed and I have regular MRI scans to check on this.

Today life is back to normal again, busy with family life, looking after my two young children. Normal is lovely!

I am very grateful to Leila and would highly recommend her hypnotherapy whatever your situation.” C Harding Epsom Surrey

Hypnotherapy for Smoking

“I haven’t smoked since our hypnotherapy session. For the first week after our session I felt quite delicate, and couldn’t discuss smoking with anyone. I feel less delicate about it now, and although I do sometimes think about smoking it isn’t something I want to do. I went on a long car trip this weekend, and my usual routine would be to roll the windows down and smoke and drink coffee, but I didn’t. I did eat a lot of crisps though!

So thank you for giving me the extra boost that I needed to help me stop. I hope I can carry on. Overall I found the session rewarding, and really very positive. ” E Brighton Sussex ‘

Hypnotherapy for Managing Anxiety

” Working as a psychiatrist for the National Health Service I am continually striving to help patients achieve better mental health and, whilst I believe there is place for medication, I am increasingly impressed by the potential of hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing. I think most people can benefit from hypnotherapy and Leila certainly helped me around managing anxiety. I highly recommend Leila both for her skills and personal touch.” : ”
‘Dr Shuttleworth in Epsom surrey ‘

Please feel free to get in touch to book a session, workshop, or to talk through your query.

Every best wish, Leila Gardiner

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