Hypnobirthing inspirational birth story at East surrey Hospital Redhill

Hypnobirthing inspirational birth at East surrey Hospital Redhill

*Dads Birth Story – Regina & Jon & Baby Lucas Haydon, October 2019*

*With permission to share *

From a well and truly converted hypnobirthing and doula fan, Jon

Jon’s incredible account

“3 weeks on from the birth of our beautiful baby boy, we’ve finally found some time to put our story together of an amazing journey we’ve been on since we started working with Leila back in August.

Lucas is our first and Regina came to the pregnancy determined to find a doula to support our birth but also attend a course of hypnobirthing in order to have the calm and easy birth her mother had years before. As dad, I came to this not knowing anything about doulas or hypnobirthing, and also quite fearful of being useless in the birth and more of an annoyance…! What we found in Leila, was not only a caring, funny and deeply supportive doula but also the best hypnobirthing coach we could have dreamed of. She helped us through the whole process and will be forever thankful for this.

Our birth plan was carefully organised and thought through, we wanted to use the birthing pool at East Surrey, in a dimly lit room, with our own room sprays and using the breathing with little interference from medical staff. We were realistic that this may not happen in reality but was a great target for us to work towards and visualise in the months leading up to the big day.

The birth itself started very calmly, with Regina waking me up in the middle of the night saying ‘it’s happening’, and we nervously and excitedly thought about what we needed to do next, which unsurprisingly was ‘breathe’ and relax – we slept through the night and woke up the next morning where we were then sure it was starting with her waters breaking fully at 9am that morning, and the waves getting more regular.

We headed to the hospital at 4pm later that day to get checked out, and while sat in the waiting room in East Surrey hospital surrounded by other pregnant ladies they were breathtaken by how calm Regina was breathing through the waves and saying what an inspiration she was for their own birth.

Once we were finally seen we were told that there was no dilation at all and to head home and relax. We settled down for dinner of pizza and the contractions were coming thick and fast, by the time we went to bed, Regina was really struggling and trying to breathe through the intense waves and by 2am she really felt that she should go to the hospital even though the timings of the waves were not at the ‘standard’ rate.

After a quick drive to the hospital (luckily we only live 5 minutes away), unloading the car of all the pre-prepared snacks, pillows, clothes for the pool etc, Regina then got checked and found out that she was already 5cm dilated. The midwife called the doctor who had concerns and within 45 minutes Regina had hit 9cm dilated and our plans for the pool were thrown out the window. With our baby’s heart rate dropping after each contraction, we were urged to head to the delivery suite instead, and they sounded the alarm and moved us straight into the room with a clear urge to push.

Bright lights, hospital environment, lying on a bed was not how we intended or hoped to have the baby but despite this Regina remained calm and strong and used everything that Leila taught us and breathed our baby out inside 2 hours having only one paracetomol! She was a huge inspiration to me and I was so proud of her. It shows that while we didn’t get the birth we planned, we had everything in our toolbox to ensure we still had the best day of our lives. Lucas was born at 6:02am weighing 3.5kg with the cord wrapped twice around his neck, but he was fine and our new life was about to begin and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Thank you Leila for everything. You have become a very important person in our lives, and it was even more incredible for you to be there to support Regina (but also me!) on this special day and be one of the first people to hold and hug him.“

From a well and truly converted hypnobirthing and doula fan, Jon

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